I No Longer Be El Presidenté

The MCARC Monthly meeting went well. Meeting lasted longer than usual. Had our “nominations” for various Club Officers and I got replaced as President. Can’t say I was too surprised. I did, however, take on Treasurer again cause the last one quit and no one would take it on. So, soon as I check all the names and stuff I’ll have to update the Club site.


Ride there and back was pretty nice. Didn’t get stuck behind anyone the whole way there or back. What a change! What a relief! What an unusual happenstance!

Just waiting on SWMBO now. Starting to get Hangry and a slight headache (which I hope will go away once I’ve eaten). Not sure if I’m in the mood for Taco’s or a Whopper. Right now either would go down good. Just wish we’d get on it.


By the time she got home I was really hungry. She asked me where I wanted to go; I said Taco’s or Whopper. She said Red Lobster or (the Rib Place). Both her choices were packed with long wait times so we wound up at Arby’s. How I went from Taco’s or Whopper to a place that barely has beef on their menu (and the world’s worst fries) has escaped me. But that’s what happened.

Still, the company more than made up for eating at Arby’s.

Made a stop at COSTCO to look at camera’s; they didn’t have any I’d be willing to pay their price for. Made our usual stop at Safeway and we made it back home in one piece. Surprising considering the amount of rain that came down on our time out.


And that’s about it from around here. Thinking of buying a plane at X-Plane for $30. We’ll see. Getting stuff ready for our trip tomorrow. We’ll see.

I sure hope this headache goes away by tomorrow morning!

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