Rained ALL Fookin’ Day!

ClassicNudist02bSo I got a lot of “stuff” done inside today. Bummed the Dog out cause we haven’t gone for a walk; but, what can one do? It’s freakin’ WET out!

I hate it. Hate Western WaRshington with a passion. Why? Look outside. Middle of June and it’s 64 degrees and WET outside. Fuck.

So I made beef stew for dinner as a consolation food. And cause I like beef stew. Used Thrive veggies for the, well, veggies. Found a chunk of beef in the freezer that needed to be used in a beef stew. Was pretty good; if I do say so myself.

And I did manage to get the trash burned. Which I like doing while it’s actually raining. Cause, you know, embers. Forest. House. SWMBO’s knickers waving in the breeze.

SWMBO is at her class tonight so she won’t be home until late. (Late for me cause I’m old.) Think I’ll go lay down and read a bit.

Still raining. Getting windy now. Oh, Joy.

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