Well, Got Most Of My Site Fixed

Back to the way it was before I dorked it up. Couple of hours work there with just a few more things to do. I don’t have it exactly back to the way it was, but it’s close enough to be fine for awhile. Now to move the rest of the pictures from the old directory to the new directory then delete all the files in the old directory. I’m sure the “Techs” out there understood that.


Went out and removed some branches that overhung the road so I don’t dent the top of the new trailer when we bring it home Saturday. Wet out again. Accidently broke the tank on my e-cig so I had to make a run to the Vape Shop in Bremerton. Almost rush hour traffic on the way back. (And Why Don’t People Learn To Pick A Speed And Maintain It?!?!)


Other than that just not much going on. About to make myself some dinner. Think I’m gonna make that shrimp & bakes again. I enjoyed it the other night. And someone has to use up all that shrimp in the freezer!

Uploaded and set up the latest Piwigo Gallery program and spent some time playing with that. Fun. Hard to figure out what photo’s to upload though. Ah well, just playing really. Guess working on my blog got my creative juices flowing.


And that’s pretty much it. Now to see if posting as I usually do works!

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