Warning: Old Guy Complaints. Close Your Eyes Now.

zzzzz1aWhat a weird bodily functions day. No, not what you’re thinking. Every time I exerted myself even the slightest bit, my heart would start racing and pounding. No shortness of breath. No sweating (diaphoretic). No dizziness or anything but my heart pounding like crazy. Took my blood pressure: 126/76 the first time and 132/78 an hour later. Pulse was 101 the first time and 98 later. ???

What? Am I so used to having high blood pressure (150+/112+) that I can’t handle anything approaching “normal?”

So, I took it easy for the day “just in case.” Started straightening up the garage. Scanned some more of SWMBO’s pictures. Weeded the garden. Mowed about half the path around the back of our property. Got my lawn chair and lounger set up where I want them for the meteor shower tonight. (Hope I can stay up that late!) Got all my usual chores done.


eve1cGot my video camera set up and ready to go too. Pointed it kind of North-North East. Don’t know if it can catch any meteors, but it’s worth a try. I set it to low light and manual focus to infinity. Plugged it in and it’s ready to go. Luckily it can record 15 hours of HD (well, what was HD at the time it was made) so even if I have to come in and go to bed maybe it’ll catch something.

So, think I’ll go outside and get comfortable.

And hope the Bear’s/Dog’s stay away!

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