Except For It Being 100 Degrees Here

It was a SSDD again. Mowed the side lawn. Straightened up around the house. Made the bed. Did the dishes. Tried to lay out some. Me and the Dog did get to take off all our clothes and go for a walk in the back 40. Always nice.


Hate to say it, but, I think I’ve been WaRshintonianized cause I couldn’t lay out for long. About 20 minutes tops before I had to get in the shade for a bit. Still, 100 degrees! Almost unheard of around here. Of course, the School Wx Station I hook in to via the Internet said it was only 90. But both my thermometers (both in the shade) said 100. So figure it was 95+. Still unusual around here.

That! That! And That! For Obama!

What was really cool was seeing these smallish clumps of clouds going over and rain dropping from them. None of it hit the ground but they were raining. Tried to get some pictures of it…

Was going to take SWMBO’s mower to Larry’s to be fixed but he called and said he was too sick to do anything today. Maybe tomorrow.

An exoplanet seen from its moon (artist's impression)

And that’s pretty much it. SWMBO is home safe and (relatively) sound. Doctor Who (Tennant) is playing in the background and I’m finishing up here.

Gawd, I lead a boring life!

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