I Almost Wish The Poop *Had* Hit The Fan!

High water alarm for our Septic system went off the other day. To make a long story short; $1680.18 later we can poop again. Danged pump went out and two of the “switches” were flooded. Dang!!!

Took the RV to a place in Silverdale to get a bunch of things done; but they couldn’t do any of the things I wanted done except put the valve on the refrigerator to turn the gas off in case of a fire. Have to take it to another place in Bremerton to have the engine checked, tires checked and other stuff like that. At least it didn’t cost me anything to have the valve put on the refer!

But now we have to wait a couple of weeks before putting the RV into the next place for a check up/repair. All cause we gotta poop! Smile with tongue out

Ah well. Not much else has been going on around here. Wx got kinda nice a couple of times but we’re back to overcast and rain. I think we’re pretty much past the snow stage of the year. MAY have one last blast but I’m kinda doubting it. We’ll see.

Haven’t been doing too much on the radio lately except for the “usual” nets on Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings. Too busy doing other stuff.

Starting re-converting some of our movies (and all our animated movies) to .mp4 format so they can be played on the various “devices” we have. (Phones, Nooks, etc.) Takes a lot of time to do them like that. But now SWMBO can copy a movie to her Nook for the grandkids to watch when they come over or she takes them places. Should keep the youngest busy anyway.

Haven’t been really active on Facebook or Google+ much lately. I get so upset at the Obama crap that I can’t write without getting really upset; so I don’t. Hope the Supreme Court shoots down Obamacare. Hope Obama gets defeated this next election. Starting to hope there’s a redneck with a rifle out there “just in case.” Sort of.

Not much else going on. Bout time to get dinner for myself going. Don’t have to cook for SWMBO anymore as she’s started some new diet that supposed to cleanse her out. Which means I have to re-learn how to cook for one. Think it’ll be tilapia & baked tater tonight.


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