OMG! It’s Snowing!

Just made a run to Lowe’s for some wood and bolts and every store parking lot between here and there was full. Even Lowe’s was busy busy. Was going to get gas at Safeway on the way back but the lines had 2 or 3 or more cars waiting. There are pictures online of store shelves empty from people buying stuff they think they’ll need. Q13 is staying on air ALL DAY to cover the snow. Traffic cams from “over there” do look pretty heavy at times.


It did start snowing just as I pulled into my driveway. Really little flakes you could barely see. Now though, it’s snowing pretty good out there. Crap, now it’s snowing harder! Bigger flakes. Way bigger. (10 minutes later they’re small again.)

Ain't Dressing Like This Today!Maybe this will turn into a real snowstorm. Just as long as it doesn’t turn into an ice storm like we had back in 1996! We went without power for a week during that one. (But was glad we had a wood stove for heat!)(Which we don’t have here.)

It’s 1313 and SWMBO is heading home early cause they might close the ferries the worse the Wx gets. Don’t blame her. Like her, I’d much rather she was stuck on this side of the water …

Took the dog for a walk. He LOVES the snow! Idiot. About an inch so far. It always looks worse on our deck cause the roof of the house deflects a lot that lands on the rails. So it looks like its snowed more than it actually has. You get used to it.

Anyway, will let y’all know how this all turned out tomorrow. Gonna go ahead and post this “just in case” we lose power or I wind up going down to the ferry landing to pick SWMBO up.

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