I Gotta Call The Meatloaf I Made Tonight The “DarkStar” Meatloaf

Cause it came out so dense that just a quarter of the thing has filled me up for the next 3-4 days. Stuck everything in the mixer and started it to mixing and got an emergency notice from my 70 year old bladder that I NEEDED to go to the toilet RIGHT NOW or I was going to spend some time in the shower and finding clean drawers and pants and, anyway, by the time I got back to the mixer everything was WELL mixed. Looked like a thick burger paste.

But I cooked it up anyway. Smelled great! Tasted great! Sits like a neutron star on the stomach!

Been thinking that if the SHTF that a hydroponic garden in my basement just ain’t gonna work. Where would I get the nutrient solution? Water? I got. Electricity? I can make. Nutrient solution? Hmm. So I’m thinking of trying out a GreenStalk 5 tier vertical Planter system. Uses dirt but, dirt I got plenty of.

Might be fun to play with. Or maybe an aquaponics system?

Thursday we took the fur babies to the beach up near Sequim (pronounced Squim). Wiz (our Dog) had been there before and picked right up hauling ass through the water chasing GU-11’s. Matey (the Cat); not so much. He pretty much tried to hide under every piece of driftwood we came across. But it was his first “day trip” so we kind of expected it. He does really good on a harness and leash though. For a cat.

Wx was out-fucking-standing though! SWMBO as lovely and entertaining and pleasant as ever to be with. What a nice day.

Last (Saturday?) I ordered some things from Amazon and I could have gotten it all by Wednesday, but, I opted for their “drivers day?” thingie where they make fewer deliveries on Thursday. Another day wouldn’t have made that much difference. Then, yesterday, Thursday, I get a message that there’s been a delay and my package won’t arrive until another 1-2 days, “sorry for the inconvenience see ya next order.”

Second time I opted for that. Second time my order got delayed. Which means I’ll opt for the fastest (Prime) delivery from now on.

Contractor jack hammered out the holes in the foundation for the new posts and beams to hold that portion of the house up. They poured the new 80 bazillion pound concrete in place yesterday and plan to let it harden for a week before putting everything in place. Cool. Progress continues.

Date Day. SWMBO’s taking me to Red Lobster so I’ll be in a Seafood Induced Coma later and won’t be able to post so I better post now.


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At Our Advanced Ages, SWMBO & I Decided We Don’t Want To Have Kids. We’re Gonna Tell Them This Weekend.

And one of those pills the Doc gave me is making the Dr. Pepper taste funny. I mean really off. I love Dr. Pepper.

Bought a Blue Ray (Blu Ray?) of the remastered “Mysterious Island” which came in today; with a return address of Northhamptonshire, Rushden, United Kingdom. Cool! Had not realized it would be coming from England. It worked though.

We finally hired a construction guy to get the FILA done. His bid came in at $61k and he seems to know what he’s talking about. And I can’t find any negatives about his company on the net. So, made the first draw of $15k and he’s going to be starting in a week or so. Which means I have to get off my fat, lazy, old, ass and get the rest of that insulation out of the FILA. Sure will be glad to have this all done and behind us.

Was thinking of          burning down my house and building this. Just kidding. Maybe.

So there are things on the list that we (SWMBO and I) have to procure and we’ve spent the last two days going to various Home Depots and such looking for a bathroom vanity and what color/type flooring we (SHE) wants. And I have to  pick up all the lights I plan to install. Which, so far, is pricing out at only $250 for the hardware. Which ain’t bad. Oh, we get to buy the kitchen sink also.

Man, this has been in the “que” quite awhile now. Let’s see…

Got off my ass and got all the insulation out of the FILA and half of it into the utility trailer last Monday. Four hours of loading and stuffing and tramping and the dump run Tuesday and it weighed only 180 lbs. The 2nd load took 5 hours to load Wednesday and it weighed only 270 lbs. But at least it’s all gone and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. This getting old shit sucks.

The contractor put up a supporting wall and took out the wall that’s was to be removed before he left the other day. He won’t be back until next Tuesday.

SWMBO went out and spent $6k for new cabinets for the FILA kitchen. Half what the contractor and Home Depot had guesstimated.

Taking lots of pictures of the reno.

Doc appointment last Tuesday where he uppped the meds that make me pee cause my legs are still swollen and I ain’t gonna get no surgery done with swollen legs. That’s being 70 though: all the wrong parts get swollen. And none of the fun parts. He also gave me a goal of losing 50 lbs.

Had a wonderful lightning/thunder storm come through last Wednesday evening. I was outside “filming” it, of course. That’s a once-in-a-decade happening for us around here. I love lightning and thunder. I live in the wrong place for it though.

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