Fairly A Normal Day. For Me.

Did get down in the MILA and install the new medicine cabinet and Fire Alarm. Did some clean-up; then just got tired of being in there and doing that and decided to take a break. It’s now 1515 and I’m still on break.

vlcsnap-00236 (2)

Did make a run to our bank and order a new ATM card; since I’ve broken mine. Again. That’s the 3rd or 4th since I started this account a couple of years ago. Maybe I ought to keep it in another pocket of my wallet?


Lots cooler today. Windy. No laying out for me. So the Dog and I planted the new plants I got yesterday (cabbage & Spaghetti Squash) and did a bit of weeding. Dog doesn’t weed for shit! I even made a couple more “mater cages” out of that old left over fence and put them on the Spaghetti Squash tires for them to climb.

vlcsnap-00239 (2)

Damn, I’m a Handy Man to have around!

When I don’t forget to post this before going to bed!

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