Rough Night Last Night

I could not get to sleep anywhere my usual time last night. Was almost afraid to go to sleep. My heart was pounding and pausing much more often than usual. That’s pretty scary; hearing your heart beat 3 or 4 times then pause for a beat. Couple of times it seemed to pause for way too long. Last time I looked at the clock it said 0045.


And, wouldn’t you know, the Perseid Meteor Shower was supposed to peak last night; it rained. Again. Started to sprinkle about 2130 but by 0030 it was an all out downpour. Sounded great and we need some rain but, damn. I’m thinking next year I’m going to the Pine Mountain Observatory in Oregon to watch the meteor shower. Or maybe Eastern WaRshington. Lots of rain and stormy Wx around here though.


SWMBO got offered, and she accepted, a full time job at the place she’s been a Temp at in Seattle. Doing the same job but getting paid a couple of bucks more per hour for it. She’s stoked. Except for the having to get up at 0500 and out of the house by 0545. Ten years and she can retire. Unless I win the Lotto, in which case she can retire the day after we get the first check. I’d insist!


Damn! Went out to start the truck to go check mail and it won’t start. Acts like it has a dead battery. Got my neighbor to come over and give me a jump, but that didn’t work. ??? It acts dead. Some relay near the passenger door (appears to be the dome light) sometimes clicks but otherwise nothing. I’ve got a charger on it but that doesn’t seem to be working. ???

I'd Love To Build A House Like This!

So, I finally broke down and bought me a new CT-62 and Programing Cable @ Amazon for my 857d. Been needing a new CT-62 cable for over a year and want the programming cable so I can back up my radio memories. It’s a royal pain in the ass to reprogram after an accidental reset.

MCARC 2-meter Chat Net went well tonight as run by KC7WNJ.

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