How The Girth Was Made.

Man, today started early! Alarm went off at 0500, as usual, but I was still tired from last night. Had trouble getting to sleep again even if I did get to sleep earlier than the night before. Heart felt like it would “vibrate/oscillate/quiver” every once in awhile. I’ll be glad when I see my Doc later this month and can find out the results of the echo-cardiogram & that monitor thingie. Sure, I’ll be happy to take a pill if it’ll stop this damned weirdness!


Not that I’m complaining or anything. Not really. Just enjoy waking up every day. Waking up next to my schweetie is even better! (And a bonus!) I’d just like to do it for another 30-40 years. Otherwise I appear to be very healthy for an old dude. Smoked 40 years too long. About 50 lbs overweight. All my hair is going silver. (Which really looks funny “down there.”) But, otherwise, I’m old. Get used to it.


Not much going on today. Truck wouldn’t start again so I charged up the battery for a couple of hours and started it up. Took my multi-meter to the alternator and it is putting out almost 15 volts steadily. Can’t find any shorts (in the wiring. I’m wearing my shorts). Can’t find anything running that isn’t supposed to be when the truck isn’t running. And everything seems to be working normally when the truck is running. Beginning to think I need a new battery. Might be the cheap way to start…


And that’s it. Watching “The Green Mile” and just chillin’. I like the whole movie except for John having to die. I have to fast-forward through that part. But that’s what they wanted us to feel. Ah well.

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