Trip: Day 01

Left the house @ 0500. Decided to go through Portland (or close enough) since that way is a lot “flatter” than taking 18 to 90 and going over the mountains. A bit longer, but not really much.

Wiz Is Really Bored Though

Except, sitting here just outside Caldwell, Idaho 12 hours later it all felt really long. Especially at 60 mph average. Just over 500 miles today.

And, yes, dragging this heavy assed Caravan is a royal pain in the ass. I’ve already spent near $100 for gas just today. (More I think.) But, checking into this RV park and having my “own place” pretty much makes up for it. Still, I need either a smaller Caravan, or a larger truck. That’s just what it boils down to.

Called SWMBO and let her know where we are. I do miss her. Trips are always better with her along.

Anywho, I’m gonna kind of watch “Passengers” and hit the rack.

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