When I Am Made Dictator

Of these United States (although not many are actually United by other than borders), I will institute the 10% flat tax rate. No matter who you are, individual or corporate or institution, you will pay the Federal Government 10% of your income. If the new government can’t live on that, it (and you) will just have to do without. You want a bridge in your state? Take up a collection and build it.


I will also mandate that each State gets 3% and the City/County you actually live in will get 2%; to take care of State and Local financial needs. This will be their budget. No gas taxes. No land taxes. No other taxes at all.

I think a centralized website will be established with various pages where you can “donate” for a particular project that you think is important. Want a fence along the border? Donate to the “Border Fence” fund. Want a colony on the Moon? Donate to the “Moon Colony” fund. If the Federal/State/Local Governments can’t afford a project on their budget, they’ll have to set up a donation web site.


I believe that if enough people want something (but not everybody) then they should pay for it. I also believe that the Government (in any form) should be involved in your life, personal/health affairs, to the smallest extent possible. (Which means the Government should not be paying for your contraceptives, abortions, sex change operations or anything the Government does not have a direct influence or decision in.) You don’t want to get pregnant? Don’t screw around or reach into your pocket and pay for the contraceptives. Want an abortion? Reach into your pocket and pay for it. The Government will not pay for your personal decisions. When the Government tells you when/where/who to fuck, then the Government will pay for contraceptives.


Yes, I’m a Libertarian. But I’m not a “We Don’t Need Any Government At All” Libertarian. We do need Government. But we need the Government our Founding Fathers originally set up for us. The Government that was originally set up to take care of National Defense and to deal with other countries.

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