Way Cooler Cloudier Day. Sux!

The Truck dealer really wants me to get my oil changed in my year old truck. The last time they changed it they put a sticker in that says to return at 17750 miles. In the 3 months since I’ve driven 1200 miles. That means I have like 1800 to go. Except, every 3 months, they start to bombard me with e-mails that “Your 2019 Chevy Silverado is OVERDUE for an oil change!!!!!!!!!!!!!” So, which is it: 3000 miles or 3 months?


Personally, I go with 4000-5000 miles unless I’m going on a trip; then I’ll change it just before and just after (the trip). My trucks have lasted 10 years doing it that way. And even then they’re still working great when I trade them off.

quityerbitchenOnStar wants me back. Sirius(?) Radio almost wants to pay me to get me back. At least someone outside the house wants me without me having to have a Wanted poster posted in the Post Office.

Cloudy wet (without raining) day so me and the Dog burned trash. That’s about it for our outside stuff except for our walks. Which we’ve done.

Got X-Plane 10 installed on the ACEPC (mini-Windows 10 computer). The graphics look great. The Sim itself runs SSSLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWW! Unless I set graphics to the bare minimum; then it runs sorta okay. Wouldn’t trade my X-Plane 11 PC (Linux) for it but it does work. Sorta.

So, when is Hunter Biden going to have his fatal accident? I figure it’s in the Democrat Works cause it would solve two problems; 1) Hunter Biden, and 2) might BchGrl02get some sympathy votes for Daddy. Has no one called Hillary to set it up yet?

SWMBO bought me some compression socks. They’re tight. Duh! I don’t like tight clothing. Joined the Navy cause their dress uniform had that big loose tie. (And then they changed it on me for a few years. Bastards!) But I guess I’ll get used to these socks. Maybe.

A new study suggests it could be another 100,000 years before Betelgeuse goes Nova. Damn! There goes next Saturday night.

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