Feels Good To Accomplish Something

Started out my usual Sunday. Except SWMBO is home today. Stake Conference and she doesn’t feel like fighting the crowd. Would rather stay home and quilt in her underwear. (She’s in her underwear; not the quilt.) Which I never mind.

It's dirty cause we live down a dirt road.

So, after getting the laundry started, bed made, dishes loaded, I got out and installed those Nerf Bars I bought. Easy Peasy! About 15 minutes a side. They look good and will sure help us “old folks” get into the truck a bit easier. I also checked out how to do it on YouTube before starting my own. Putting on Nerf Bars; not getting into and out of the truck.


Course, I got all muddy. Even though it ain’t raining the ground is still wet. No prob though: I do the laundry. Just another load.

Listened in on the guys passing pictures back and forth on the radio this morning while watching “Top Gear” and even managed to capture a few. Pictures. Been monitoring PSK on 14.070.5 and seeing the occasional signal there. Probably about to get out and see how I’m going to wire up the radio in the truck.

Crunchy shrimp, baked taters, and corn for dinner tonight. Was yummy.


The MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Eight check-ins and it lasted almost 45 minutes. Lots of good information passed around about who to replace Radio Shack with and other stuff. Nice Net even if I do say so myself.

And that’s pretty much it for tonight.

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