Sunday. Sunday. Sunday.

Has been like any other day around here. I mean it was about as normal as can get!

Which means I didn’t do much of anything but “play” on the computer, watch movies, and laundry. Didn’t even have to cook dinner as SWMBO had an engagement at church she had to be to by 1700.


I did get off my duff and make brownies! So today wasn’t a total loss. Hell, I don’t think I’ve been outside once today. It just looked cold out there.

Converting the last of my X-Files DVD’s to .mp4 files for the TV Drive. Have to redo all the courses I’ve gotten from The Learning Company over the past year. If I convert them to mp4 files I can copy them to my Nexus 7 and watch them whenever and wherever.

We went to COSTCO the other day where I saw 4-TB drives for $150. Damn! I paid that much for 2-TB drives a couple of years ago. They have 3-TB drives for $99.99. Damn! I gotta make some money!!!


Waiting for the MCARC 2-meter Chat Net @ 1930. Been “listening” to the psk31 signals all afternoon. I don’t know why I haven’t made any contacts for awhile. I’ll start the radio up, fire up the computer and HRD and Digital Master 780 but won’t make a contact.

Wow! Short Chat Net. Only about 10 minutes as there was only 3 of us for the Net itself. Then 2 people checked in after I closed the Net. Guess everyone was watching the Football Game!

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