What A Slow, Boring Day!

Was so bored that, after my “usual” chores, I put on some music (Chilltrax on the Internet) and tried my hand at taping and pasting. Did great on the “inside” corner but not so good on the “outside” corners. Gonna have to do some sanding to smooth it out for painting.

Peter Capaldi & David Tennent

Just not much going on around here with SWMBO off to work. I wish she didn’t have to work; much less work at a job over in Seattle. Long commute and Long Hours. Sux!

Ok. Way later. Just got back from picking SWMBO up. Stopped at Safeway for a veggie platter she needed for work tomorrow. Think I’ll finish this episode of Doctor Who then go lay down and read a bit. I’m really enjoying this getting up an hour earlier than I have been!

Doc Savage Club

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