Fairly Normal 2nd Saturday

So far. The MCARC monthly club meeting in Shelton went well this morning. Overcast and cool going there and back.

Cleaned up around the house a bit for the lady that’s coming over to give us an estimate on new cabinets for the kitchen area.

SWMBO got home in time for our appointment and things seem to be progressing well. She’s already picked out the new cabinet “facing?” and colors for the knobs and such. Now they’re just working on the physical dimensions and such. I’m willing to bet it’s still going to be spendy. (She said we already have a $50k kitchen! Damn! One door for what’s in there would cost about $400; just for the damned door!)

After she (the lady showing us new cabinet stuff) leaves we’ll be heading out to COSTCO or the mall; we need a new heating pad for the bed. Danged thing is starting to be pretty cold to get into at bedtime.  (I don’t have much of the heat running to the bedroom anyway cause I prefer a cool room to sleep in.)

Not much else going on right now. Will let y’all know if anything happens on our journey’s…

So, SWMBO took me to Burger King for dinner. Then to Wal-Mart where we spent way too much money. But really only got some things we need. A couple of heated blankets, food, Big Bag of Animal Crackers, and a new microwave. Just the basics.

I was attending SAR Wetcrewman School when this movie came out.

BTW, we just signed the papers to spend $15,000 on kitchen cabinets!!!! DAMN!!!

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