Another Naked Friday! Cool!

Just not much going on around here. Watered the garden. Picked the ripe cherry tomato’s. Picked the rest of the peas and am about ready to pull the rest of the plants out. No sense in watering them if they aren’t producing.

Marguerite Had Killer Legs!

Took the wagon and picked up all the rocks I’ve been digging up along our “trail” that we use to walk around our property. Ate a lot of black berries on the way.

Jeanne Had A Killer Ass!

Heart has been “twinging” when I get too active out there. Yeah, it’s hot out (and I do love the heat) but I think I’m finally, irrevocably, getting OLD and have sat around way too long. Out of shape. (Even if round is a shape.) Hope they found out what the hell is going on with me. Hope it’s nothing but being out of shape and 50 lbs overweight. Already started working on both of those.

This Kid Had Killer Eyes!

Forgot. Did have to get dressed when I went to the Rock place up on the highway to check on how much 2 or 3-man rocks are. Three tons of rocks (about 10 to the ton) with delivery would be about $250. And I don’t think 30 rocks will be enough. Then we have to rent a digger for at least 2 (probably 3) days @ $100+/day. I can do the work; spending a lot of money for the materials is the hard part. Well, we could always stockpile all the materials over winter and do it next summer.

Obama & Libtards Are Killing America.

Spent the afternoon picking up rocks again. Just wanted to be outside. Nice out there. About to go pick SWMBO up. She may get this job permanently; which means she’d have to take an earlier Ferry in the mornings. Would still be better than being a Temp though. Vacation time. Sick time. Paid Holiday’s. Nice.

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