Mostly Busy HOT Day! 90+ Again.

Walk03bMy Lovely-Young-Bride of almost 30 years (this December 20th!) didn’t have to go to work today. She stayed home to take the Dog to his appointment. But the damned alarms still went off this morning; so I’ve been up since 0515. Yay.

Made a trip to Home Depot to check on that smallish digger they have for rent. It was there, but you can’t sign up for a particular time, and I wasn’t ready to take it today, so I got some other stuff I needed. 12 80-lb bags of cement mix and 15 cinder-blocks. Luckily, one of their guys helped me load it.

But I had to unload it myself! Phew! So I spent the afternoon assembling raised-bed garden beds. Got 3 done and have only 2 to go. Had to rebuild the forms for the larger blocks but that took only about half an hour. My garden is starting to come together!


SWMBO brought Taco Bell home when she came back from the Dog’s appointment. One of his ears is clear but the other is still infected. Damn!

After dinner I got SWMBO out to help me reposition my long wire dipole. I shot the ball over the tree and she watched where it landed. Then she held the heavy duty string while I pulled it over the tree. It all worked out.

So, now my long-wire dipole is about 25 feet  higher. Cool! We’ll see tomorrow night if it makes any difference on the MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net.


For some reason, my head is trying to pound. Think I’ll go take a warm shower and go lay down and read. It’s almost bedtime anyway.

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