Wednesday Is Like Any Other Day…

Meaning it was pretty SSDD around here for me.

Except I did make a garbage run. It’s a LOT cheaper if I make the run instead of having the trash folks come and pick it up. Lots cheaper!

Playing With Vue7

Made a couple of flights today is about all. Slowly getting better at controlling the Drone; but still having trouble looking at the video instead of the Drone itself.

Made frozen pizza’s for dinner. Loaded a bunch of books on my Nexus 7. Played with Vue 7 some. I gotta get off my lazy old fat ass and get on my PHP & CSS learning!

Playing With Vue7

MCARC 2-meter chat net $ 1930. 10-meter Net last night went pretty good. We even had a new guy (KL3IW?) from Union join in. Cool!

2-meter net went well. Lots of check-ins.

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