Thursdays Are Always Fun

Pretty much SSDD. Sprinkling out so we’re stuck inside. Did manage to make our morning mile. Tried walking the back 40 (.21 mile round trip) and was just feeling too fatigued to do it more than once. I know: Would I like some cheese with that whine?

My New          Sunglasses

SWMBO texted me that they’ve put her on 50 high flow 60 liters and her O2 sats are still above 90. Cool! (I’m hoping that she means that’s 50% O2 @ 60 ltr/min.) If she keeps improving at this rate she’ll be home in almost no time. Hopefully.

Replaced one of the remaining lights in the big room and it just wasn’t working right. It would even start flashing when a particular switch setting was chosen. Weird. So I wound up taking it down and checking it out. One of the wires to the LEDs came loose. So I got out my trusty rusty soldering kit and fixed it. I think. Won’t know until I plug it in. My soldering skills leave much to be desired. I’m of the “more solder is better” school. Some of my connections you could use for a fishing weight.

Again. Forgot to finish off and upload this again. I swear I’m getting old.

New York’s Branch Covidians: What a nimrod. But all in keeping with Democrats efforts to kill off regular Americans so they can take over completely.

What happens when you look in the fridge and find a couple of slightly over Use By dates

Well, finished the big room. All the lights are now LED and I think they look pretty good if I do say so myself. Had a light “left over” so I replaced the light in my bathroom.

Called SWMBO. She’s still in Silverdale. Still at the same settings for her O2 that she was last night. Which is good. Means she didn’t get any worse. Which is good. (I know y’all are probably bored with the on going SWMBO saga; but you’ll just have to deal with it. My Schweetie. My Blog.)

Think I’ll go to St. Vinnies tomorrow and pick up a comfortable, but cheap, couch for her. She needs a place to lay on her side or stomach to breathe and I don’t want her stuck in the bedroom cause there’s no place else to lay. We have 2 2-person “couches” in the library but they aren’t long enough to lay on and be comfortable.

And, honestly, it’s about time to replace those too.

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