Monday, Monday. So Good To Me. # 3072

#LubaThat’s approximately 3072 Monday’s I’ve had the pleasure to endure. I ain’t gonna lie to you; I, personally, hope to see at least 3072 more. Not that I will; but it’d be nice. But, if I’m really lucky, and I take care of myself, and I don’t piss SWMBO off too much, I’ll see at least 2000 more. Hopefully.

Got my shower out of the way. Wound up walking a mile on the treadmill. Breakfast (Honey-Nut Cheerios with chopped up Walnuts, a half-handfull of pistacio’s, and Blue Berries). About to go check mail.

Ain’t that exciting!?!?!

So, I went and got 500+ pounds of black gravel ($7!) and filled most of the GIANT potholes at the head of our “road.” Weather is kind of nice out there. Especially once one gets warmed up shoveling gravel! But it was good. Nice workout. Think I’ll do the same thing if it’s this nice tomorrow. (Too tired right now. Wonder why?)


Of course, the bed of my truck is muddy and still has a lot of rocks in the back that I’ll have to clean out before going to pick SWMBO up. (And, yes, it is a truck and I’m not afraid to use the bed of the truck for what a truck is supposed to be used for. If that gets it messy, scratched, or even dinged, that’s what happens to a truck.)


Got “Earth VS The Flying Saucers” from Netflix today. It has the normal and colorized versions of the movie. I have mixed feelings about colorizing those old movies. I’ll watch it, and may even like it, but that hasn’t been the case to date.

Damn these nice days anyway! Was so nice out there that I got out and moved the Caravan to a sunnier spot. And to practice hooking it up again since I have to take it to the dealer on the 18th for it’s annual check. Or Else! Also to get it out of the way in case I decide to rent a digger and get some things done around here.

Played with WED a bit more. Can’t understand why I have a bunch of custom scenery when  you load them and there is nothing but the runways/taxiways, etc? No buildings. No other planes. No plants or houses or anything. So why have those custom scenery’s?

And, after a stop at Safeway and McDonalds, we be home. I’m going to lay down and read a bit.

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