SWMBO Made Dinner!

So it wasn’t exactly my “normal” Sunday around here. Close enough to never mind though. And I woke up with a Headache today. That sucked. Twelve hours later and it’s still hanging on.

Surely You Jest

Nice out. Got up to 91 degrees according to the school’s Wx station. My thermometer said closer to 96 though. Which to believe? All I know is it was nice to take off all my clothes and go for walks and just be outside. I’m going to enjoy every moment of this summer I can cause we just don’t get this many good days in a row around here. (A Good day for me is anything over 75 degrees and not raining.)

Accidently left the garden hose running after I watered yesterday. Garden area was absolutely soaked when I went to water today! It’s almost marshy out there. Another “Guess I’m Getting Old” happening.


MCARC 2-meter Chat Net tonight went really well. Then SWMBO and I sat and watched “Cirque Du Freak-The Vampire’s Assistant” together. Wonder why they didn’t make the next one? Are we going to have to find the books to find out what happened?

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