What A Nice Hot Sunny Day!

Betty05aWe don’t get enough of these around here. Yesterday, it was overcast all day and got comfortable, but not really warm. Which is how most WaRshingtonians like it. Good thing I’m not a WaRshingtonian! Or, unfortunately, I’m not a WaRshingtonian.

Our usual date yesterday was nice. SWMBO took me to the FPH in Port Orchard cause she wanted some foo-foo thing with runny eggs over english muffins with some kind of cheesy stuff poured all over it. I had a chili-burger and fries.

Spent $35 at the Dollar Store across from the FPH. Who’d a thunk you could spend that much in a dollar store? Got a couple of really big glasses (with handles) for days like today. And a bunch of other stuff. What can I say; it was the Dollar Store.


Made our usual stop at Safeway this week (instead of Walmart). We haven’t been buying anything that has to go into the freezer cause our freezer is stuffed; and still managed to spend $100 on food. No wonder I’m fat.

Betty01aToday has been the most usual Sunday around here. Except SWMBO went over to a friends after church to help her with her genealogy. She is a Genealogy Consultant. I spent a butt-ton of time outside (since it’s 90 degrees and sunny) working on my garden area. Put some left over wire fencing over the top so the peas have a place to branch out. Multiple walks around the back of the property. (Dog said NO WAY. Too Hot!)

She’s home now and making steak for dinner. Add fresh corn on the cob, and mac-n-cheese (for some reason) and dinner should be ready in a few. (Was good!)

Not sure if I’m Net-Control for the MCARC Sunday 2-meter Chat Net or not. We’ll find out shortly. Nope, Ric was on. Several check-ins including the Repeater guys who were up working on the thing. It goes into a reset loop occasionally now. SO glad we got a new Repeater. (Oh, wait. We did but it ain’t working yet.)

Went out and practiced with my drone after the Net. Didn’t run into anything but still making hard landings. So had it messes up whatever video I had it taking. Zero’s out the file and it’s no good. ??? I’ll keep playing with it though. And the drone too!

And that’s it. Think I need a rinser before hitting the rack. It was hot today.

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