Holy Crap

doc4It’s been raining HARD off and on all day. I’d swear we got 1/2 inch rain in 5 minutes earlier. Driveway & Back Yard rivers have started again. Dog and I managed to get in one walk between downpours. Man, it’s wet out there!

Made a trip to Home Depot in Silverdale to exchange the toilet seat we bought last Saturday. One of the thingies that holds the lid on was broke when I opened the package. Home Depot exchanged it easy peasy. Except for the drive (in the rain) there and back didn’t cost me anything.

Not a whole Hell of a lot going on. Downpours every so often. (Often enough to not head out for another walk.) Getting all my usual chores done. Converting some video.  Microwaving myself a lasagna for dinner. All the usual stuff.

Yay! Got to take the Dog for another walk. Didn’t rain on us!

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