My Schweetie Is The Best!

Today was pretty much just like yesterday for the most part. Nice outside. Scooped up all the rocks I’d raked into a pile (last year) and got them in the rock garden. Mowed the front front yard. Mowed the trail to the back of the property. Sat out in the sun as much as possible.

Dragon War's

SWMBO got home around 1500 and took me to Famous Dave’s rib place in Silverdale for early dinner. I had the smoked turkey plate. It was good. Very filling though! Then we stopped by Target so she could look for new pants. I found a lounger I’m going to get later this month.


Then our usual stop at Safeway and we’re home. Watching “Dragon Wars.” Kind of a crappy move; great “special” effects. I really like the Snake. Don’t like that it’s more White Folks taking over another race’s myths. (Even if it’s not really a “true” myth. The World revolves around us White Folks; don’t you know. Still, why couldn’t real Korean’s play the parts? And how did it get transferred from Korea to Los Angeles?)


Anywho, that’s my rant for the day.

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