Wow! Large Bright Warm Thing In The Sky

Holy Crap! It actually got warm enough to go lay out and soak up the Sun’s energy today. Had to stay dressed cause the wind was blowing and that was still kind of cool (Wx wise); but it was nice out there! My black pants and black t-shirt got burning hot. Nice! Supposed to be sunny and getting warmer all week. Cool!


Took the newer rider mower over to my friends house. Aside from the battery being just so much trash, the seat safety switch was busted, and the coil is shot. He’s already got everything but the coil fixed; had to order that. Should all be done by Friday he says. Cool!

Other than that just didn’t get a whole lot done. Which will probably last the length of the “good” Wx were in line for. God, I Love Being A Turtle! Oh, wait. Wrong quote.


SWMBO is home and has her dinner (egg salad sandwiches) and is relaxing from her hard day at work. I’m going to go lay down and read a bit. Probably Tumblr.

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