I Know It’s About Time I Posted Something!


Let’s see. My only “News” is that I haven’t had a cigarette in about 3 weeks now. That’s cool. The last time I went in to buy smokes I bought one of those “e-cigs” to try. Switched over completely. Haven’t had an “analog” since. Oh sure, I’m still getting my nicotine fix; but at least I’m not getting the 1001 other things you get in cigarette smoke.

I tried the gums and patches and it just didn’t work for me for very long. I think cause they tried to change my habits completely. With the e-cig I still step outside to “smoke” and everything feels pretty “normal.” And over time I’ll  be able to lower the amount of nicotine until I’m “smoking” 0mg.

Anyway, that’s my plan and it seems to be working so I’m going to stick to it. It’s about time after about 40 years of smoking! I’m getting too old for this stuff! Open-mouthed smile

And speaking of getting old: Maybe you “older” guys can tell me; are there any days where you’re still living but nothing aches? (And un-drugged!) Every time I climb on the roof or the top of the RV or spend the day moving rocks or whatever I get aches! Sick of it! Sarcastic smileDamn this getting old crap anyway!

Not much else going on around here. Still doing radio stuff and working on the RV. Spent most of yesterday (a nice sunny hot 80 degrees!!!!) pulling out the rear roof vent/skylight and sanding everything down to bare metal and reinstalling it with silicone sealant. Hope that stops the leak. Now I need to get to refinishing the interior…

SWMBO and I (and the animals) are going to take a 3-4 day trip later this month to see if we’re really the RVing types. Probably heading to Southern Washington; close enough to get home fairly easily if something goes terribly terribly wrong! But far enough “away” to feel like we’ve actually gone somewhere. (Don’t worry, someone will be “house sitting” for us while we’re out!!) Kind of a “shake down” cruise.

AND we’ve been talking about maybe selling this RV off and getting a newer used RV if we decide we do like being part of the RV thing. Do you know that there are RV parks that won’t let “older” RV’s in? Really! So a newer RV is probably the way to go. We figure we can sell this one for around $4k to pay it off and consider the $2k we’ve already spent as “learning” costs. Heck, we spent almost $30k fixing up a piece of property that we didn’t get to build on so we’re used to “learning” money!

Wx has mostly sucked around here. Several days of 50-60 degrees then one 80 degree day then back to  65 today and it’s supposed to be 58 tomorrow. Sometimes I envy the rest of the country and their nice weather! (Yes, I like it warm!!!)



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