IF There Is A Final Reckoning …

btkw21aWhere all the hours/days/weeks/years you’ve spent doing something are added up, then someone is going to look at me and say: “Time spent reading on the toilet = 8 years of your life, King.”

Yesterday was Date Day and we pretty much did our usual. SWMBO took me to Red Robin where I had some pretty good chicken strips and some really terrible steak fries. ( Not a crispy one in the bunch and most of them were cold. Not freezer cold; but they’ve been sitting out for awhile cold.)

Afterwards we did something that you could probably count on one hand us doing before: We walked through Home Depot discussing ideas and projects and walked out empty handed. Didn’t spend a dime. Highly unusual for us. But it was fun though. My idea to replace the Boob Lights in the big room with bright LED’s got kinda squashed, but, hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

USS Turner Joy (DD-951) Museum

Thing about the Big Room is: we don’t really spend a lot of time there. If we are there, we’re either playing with something (need bright lights) or watching a movie (need little light). Neither of which we do often. Not often enough to spend a couple hundred $ for new lights. Not even when we get a really large TV to go in there.

Fashion040sHell, we watch more movies together sitting here at my desk and using one of the 32” monitors. Both of us use the Library for sitting around more than any other room. (If you don’t count the bathrooms. Which is sitting around with a purpose.)

Sometimes I think we ought to make half the Big Room into another bedroom for guests. But we’re going to put a loft in there for that purpose. And cause it’ll be fun and kinda neat. Still have no idea what to do with the gas fireplace we never use. Could convert it to a wood burner “just in case.” I want bigger windows in there also. Floor to ceiling windows.

Today has been our usual Sunday. I made another Beef Stew for dinner but this one didn’t turn out as good as the last one to me. Tried not making it as thick as usual per suggestion from SWMBO. Didn’t taste the same. So I told her she’ll probably just have to get used to thick stew. (It’s supposed to be STEW, not Soup!)

The MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well; but I was Net Control tonight. Had 9 check-ins tonight. Not a record, but not bad.

Anywho, that really is all that’s going on. SWMBO painted the trim on the new linen closet I put in and now we be chillin’ for the rest of the night.

Oh, it sprinkled some.

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