Well, Ain’t That Just Peachy!

elysa1aLast Thursday was my (early) appointment with my Doc. He (and my Lovely-Young Bride of almost 30 years) thinks I have “intermittent claudication” in my right leg. And my blood pressure was kind of high. Oh, Joy. So he changed some of my meds and is setting me up for a consult to a local testing facility. Could require surgery to open things up. (Can you say Stent?)

Friday, the light-of-my-life had the day off for her own Dental & Doctor’s appointments; but I had a headache so bad I was totally useless all damned day. Weather change, again. Back to cool and sometimes wet.

Saturday, yesterday, started out with the MCARC monthly meeting in Shelton. It went well. Nice ride there and back too.

How The West Was Won

When SWMBO got home from the genealogy library, she took me to “Famous Dave’s” for ribs and burnt ends. On the way home we stopped by “Cash-N-Carry” and picked up a big slab of pork to cut pork chops from, a 25 lb chunk of beef to make hamburger from, and a bunch of other stuff that we need. And our usual stop at Safeway.

So, today, I’m probably going to grind meat most of the day. Want to make another batch of my home-made chili for the coming year. Good thing I like canning! (Mostly.)

Rio Bravo

Just read about the terrorist attack in Orlando. Fuck Muslims. We need to take the entire Cult out all over the world. Then we need to take out the Left Media. Anyone who supports Islam should be dealt with. Harshly.

Spent the better part of the afternoon slicing up beef. SWMBO helped me by running it through the grinder. Now have 14 (or so) packages of brand new hamburger starting the freezing process. Love those sucker-bag thingies!

The Island

And I started the meat for my batch of chili. And made spaghetti for dinner. Finishing up the laundry. Still gotta remake the bed but that don’t take long.

Been having old John Wayne Westerns running in the background. Cool!

Cut a pork loin into 16 of the purtiest (and one ugly fucker) pork chops you ever saw. They’re freezing now too.


MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went pretty good. Good signals all around.

I’m going to bed.

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