Yeah, It Has Been Awhile

Since I posted. I think I’ve been kind of busy; but can’t really remember. That tends to happen more and more when your advancing in years. (Or so I’ve been told.)


What have I been doing? Oh, “things” around the house. Making runs for SWMBO to get her son his Christmas Present. Getting my Christmas present for her. Stuff. Old Guy Stuff. And all my usual chores.

Weather has sucked. Rains off and on. Feels cold out there. Supposed to be a chance of snow today but it never happened. Too warm for that but too cold to get outside. Sucks.

The company I was dealing with for SWMBO’s present contacted me a  couple of days ago and offered to ship my purchase overnight at their expense if I’d still order what I had. Sure. Didn’t really expect it to get here but it did! I was pleasantly surprised. Still doesn’t forgive their lax Customer Support as far as waiting so long to even inform me that there was a problem; but makes me more inclined to order from them again.


So, SWMBO got her Quilt Kit for Christmas. She likes it. (Which is good considering she picked it out of the catalog.)

Had the Renter and his son, SWMBO’s Son and girlfriend, and us for dinner. Which was excellent. Ham, mashed taters, veggies,yams and a gallon of Martinelli’s. Still plenty of ham left for cold ham sandwiches too. (Which is almost as good as left over Turkey.)

SWMBO’s Son got me a model USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Refit model. His girlfriend got me a”Don’t Blink” Weeping Angel T-Shirt. SWMBO keeps giving me hugs and kisses; so my Christmas went pretty good. They’re in the big room watching “White Christmas” (which I’ve had enough of) so I’m in my room doing this and watching (sort of) “Battle Los Angeles.”


Installed Apache2, MySQL, PHP5 and am playing with running a website. Just put up “piwigo gallery” and am playing with that. Lots of fun and I enjoy learning things.

All in all: Nice Christmas.

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