Pretty Normal Wednesday

Got up, looked outside, it’s raining, so I must still be in Warshington. Bummer! I keep hoping that while I’m asleep I’ll dream how to teleport (jaunt) and wake up on the beach in Northern Australia. Hasn’t happened yet. I know I have in one of the Multiverses and I keep hoping that Doc will come and tell me how it’s done. Ah well.

Been collecting this series since forever!

Still re-converting our DVD’s to .mp4 format. Time consuming. Nice to get better resolution in the same (or less) file size. I hope no “better” codec comes out anytime soon!

Now I’d like to get all my books in electronic format. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy printed books, but I’d like to get them all in electronic format for when I get my Nook HD. Lot’s easier to carry around. Although I do like reading on my Kindle.

Doc Savage. At 80 books and counting!

I need a better NAS and much larger hard drives for all the stuff I have and want to do! They’re rather spendy though. I need to get everything centralized (and backed up). Maybe something with 10 4-TB drives…

One of my FAVORITE series!

Making Vegetable beef soup & croissants for dinner. If she don’t like that she can go to MacDonald’s!

Just been lounging around watching tv. Dogfights has gone off and now Mega Disaster (Methane Explosion) is on. These types of show just crack me up! As if we don’t have enough to worry about they want us to consider a gigantic methane explosion. Sorry folks, I’m too busy scanning the skies for that asteroid that’s going to slam into us to sniff for methane buildup. Oh, wait. That wasn’t methane, that was me. Sorry…

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