Chuck Norris Doesn’t Like That!

LWM1bIt’s only 0830 and I’m about to get my day started. Sometimes, being “retired” is cool. Sometimes. Like being able to just be lazy for awhile early in the mornings if I want to. Really I don’t do that very often though. It’d make me really lazy.

So, Bacon, 2 eggs (over easy), hash browns, & a toasted bagel for breakfast. Sunny D to wash it all down. Dogs licking the plate now. (Lucky Dog!)

Programmed 11 repeaters into the new radio. Took half an hour! Think I’m gonna have to get the programming cable. And I got return signals from only 9; so far. But a couple of those were 220 repeaters. Cool! Will try to finish up programming repeaters then see just how many air/fire/sheriff/amb frequencies will go in.


Made a dump run. Raked up some more rocks and put a load in the “rock garden.” Laid out awhile (nice out there!). A bit windy but it feels good. Taking the easy way out for dinner: fish sticks and bakes. One pan meal there.


Not a whole lot going on. My friend in Pa called and talked my ear off for about an hour. Was standing outside but had to come in and get dressed cause it’s getting a bit cool. (Weather cool. Not Fonzie cool.) Think I got him interested in HamWan and (maybe) MeshNet. Hey, he got his ticket because I got him interested in Ham Radio.

Anywho, that’s about it from around here for the day. Probably bored y’all to tears. But, hey, this is the Average Retired American Life I’m living here.

SWMBO should be home any minute.

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