Tried To Close My PayPal Account …

Forbidden00bBut they won’t let me. “There’s been an error …” and I have to contact customer service. By phone. Figures. Easy as Hell to sign up, but just try quitting. As bad as Facebook. And, yes, I’m trying to kill my PayPal account on account of the way they’re treating North Carolina (and soon Mississippi). Seems letting guys into the women’s locker rooms is way more important than LGBT people getting killed in other countries they do business in. (Not that I agree with the LGBT lifestyle; but, it’s damned hyprocritical of PayPal to not quit doing business with countries where they’re killed for their lifestyles while punishing North Carolina (and soon Mississippi) for trying to keep bathrooms/locker rooms segregated by sex.)

Forbidden02aAnd it ain’t gonna do y’all no good to rag my ass for the way I was brought up and my personal beliefs. Except to maybe prove I’m right. Ain’t no hate like a Liberal hate. (And I don’t hate anyone. Not even my Ex- anymore. Too time consuming. And, personally, I could give a rat’s ass about how you live your life; right up to the moment when you force it on me. Then we’s having us some troubles.)

Nice day today. A lay out Naked day. So, after chores I did. Oh, walked a mile on the treadmill too. Gonna (re-)start doing that for sure every day. I want to live a long time! (Mostly to bug people that don’t want me to.)

Forbidden04bOh! Yesterday I went and walked the Mall to get out of the house for awhile. Made the mistake of stopping in Barne’s & Noble. Spent $8 for “Aircraft of WWII” picture-book. My bad!

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net went fairly well but kind of short as there were only 4 of us checking in tonight. Good thing I reminded them of our meeting this Saturday!

Not a whole heck of a lot going on. SWMBO should be home any minute and I’ll spend some time with her before I hit the rack. Think I may get up on the roof early tomorrow and get some of that pressure washing done.

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