Hella Hot Around Here! Nice! Nice! Nice!

Other than that just a normal SSDD Sunday. Me doing things around the house. SWMBO made one of her special meals for dinner. Laundry is almost done. My other usual chores pretty much done. I could be lazy for the rest of the afternoon if I wanted. Yeah, sure. So I watered the upper-front and lower-back yards. Among other things.


Yesterday at Lowe’s I bought 2 10-foot long steel poles with this little thingie that lets you attach them end-to-end. Got out (yes, in this heat) and attached my 2-meter/440 antenna to one of them. Attached the other one to the post I have sticking into the ground. Then attached the one with the antenna to the top of the one secured to the post. Now my antenna sticks a good 20 feet into the air at the base. It really sticks up there. Kind of wobbles in the wind so I may have to guy it.

So far, radio checks with various repeaters have been okay. I may still need to move it depending if I really want to use a particular repeater or not. The only one I’m dead set on using is the MCARC Repeater. Other than that, it really doesn’t matter.


Heard the Sheriff dispatch call for someone to “Check out an abandoned vehicle on top of a shed.” a bit earlier. I think I’d want to go check that one out. Heard calls for a couple of fires too.

Moved some more Manor Stones to the upper front yard to make those border thingies around a couple of the fruit trees. Need to dig the grass and weeds out before setting them in place; but I will wait for a cooler day. I’m getting too old to overwork out in the heat and have lived in WaRshington too long.


I’d rather be at the beach! That’s the only thing I really miss about living in the San Diego area.

And that’s it. SWMBO and I watched the latest “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” after the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net. About to hit the rack over an hour later than I usually do. That’s me: Wild & Crazy!

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