My Goodness! 80+ Degrees

And I’m loving it. So, of course, I spent all day outside. Got most all the whack weeding done. Moved my 2-meter/70cm antenna 5 different times trying to get a good signal in and out. Really didn’t sit around much. Seemed to be always doing something. Which is good.


Head started pounding only on the right side about half way through whack weeding. Started going away around 1700. Gone now. Just in time for the NMARES meeting. Cool!

Said meeting went okay. Not a lot of “radio” talk; but a good get together. SWMBO called at the end of the meeting wondering where I was. Hey, my insurance is paid up so don’t worry!


And that’s pretty much it. Nice day spent outside as much as possible in some really nice weather. And only TWO new bug bites! What a day!

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