SSDD & It’s Only Wednesday!

Other than my usual chores, didn’t really DO anything. Still ripping my dvd collection to .mp4 format. Moving things around on the hard drive. Getting rid of stuff I never look at anymore. Really windy today so the Dog and I went for only one walk so I‘ve had plenty of time for that. Stopped and looked at out “Widow Maker” while we were out. I don’t know how I’m going to fix that.


Oh, the Renter did come up and (finally!!!) paid rent for March. Tried to give me part of the rent, but I wasn’t accepting part of the rent. If I had that constitutes a NEW agreement and I’m not making a new agreement with these people. So he pulled the rest out of his pocket and gave the full amount to me. Told him that if they needed help moving by the 30th I do have a truck. He says “You mean, we still gotta move?” Well, YES, (YES. YES. YES. YES.) You still gotta move. He went to tell his significant (the one that screams for him to “Get The Fuck Out”) Other.  Haven’t heard a peep from their place all day.

Hope they just move out without any trouble. Her ignoring the notice is not going to make it go away, become any less legal, or Not Happen. I’ll make sure it bites her on the ass if they’re not out by March 30th.


And that really is about it for today. SWMBO is home safe and has made us some banana bread. Smells good in here!

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