CPAP So Far: Not Impressed

Probably just not used to it. Kept waking up throughout the night with this “thing” stuck to my face. Air escaping from my mouth (under pressure). Nostril openings stinging. Air hose wrapped around my head. Just couldn’t get comfortable. So, while I did not wake with a headache this morning, I am feeling kind of tired. I figure it’ll take me a couple of weeks to get to where it doesn’t bother me and then it’ll be fine.


Not much going on yet. Too early. Watching some video we took just driving along in Wyoming way back in 2013 on our way to Ohio. I feeling the urge to hit the road again!

Got tired of sitting around so I went to Home Depot & Lowe’s in Port Orchard looking for some shelving parts. Neither had what I was looking for. Then a quick stop at COSTCO to price new tires for the truck (for hauling that Caravan). They bid $1200+. Youch! Think I’ll stop by and see what Les Schwab has to say about that.

vlcsnap-00487 (2)

Stopped and got myself one of those $5 lunches at DQ on the way home. Spent the afternoon setting up BillPay and other online accounts.

SWMBO messaged me that I needed to pick her up at the Ferry Landing tonight. I texted her back asking how she knew? Then I noticed that she’d tried calling me eight times. Oops. It was 1900 and I should have been down there 15 minutes ago. Oops! Made that run slightly above the speed limit when I could.


And that’s about it. We be home, cookies are made and I’m about to hit the rack. I’m feeling pretty tired. Hopefully I’ll get a bit more actual sleep tonight.

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