No Post Because

door01It’s been too cold (for me) to get out and do much of anything yesterday or today. Bundle up and take the Dog for walks is about it.

Oh, really exciting. Tried to activate my new “chip” ATM card and the damned center let me get all the way through activating it right up to changing my pin. Said I wasn’t calling from the phone number on file and to contact my financial institution.

So I drove down to the bank and the nice lady changed my phone number. Got home and tried the card thing again. Same results. I was NOT a happy camper.

door02But, it worked today. Guess it took some time for their really fast computer’s to get it’s data up to date.

And that is about as exciting as it’s been around here. Which is okay. Weather is cold but not the –15 one of my cousin’s back east is living. I’m not in an Airport getting shot at. Get to go pick SWMBO up at the QFC since it’s Friday evening.

Well, the new Puppy has gotten to where he’ll come in from outside if I leave him out there long enough. But, even though it’s the exact same kind of door, he’ll wait in the garage until I open the human door to check on him. Go figure. Still having a bit of a problem with pooping indoors though. He’ll get over it. Someday.


It’s the freezing rain part I don’t like.

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