I’m Boring? Really? Ya Think!?

Just not a whole lot going on today. There was this really bright thing in the sky for a few minutes a bit earlier. Dang thing almost felt warm! It was bright and most everything had darker areas under them. Wonder what that was all about?

Strong Wind Gust & Deer. Hard Landing!

Had an anonymous on Tumblr try to ding me for “posting such boring, redneck, shit.” I’m Famous! But, hey, that’s my Blog: Average Redneck Retired Military This Is My Daily Life Since I Retired Blog. Mostly, life is pretty boring; and I’m living it to the fullest! I’ve had exciting (growing up in LA. Desert Storm. Marriage) and vastly prefer the boring. I get my kicks from living with SWMBO and traveling. That’s all I need. (Well, that and Internet access.)


Anywho, just thought it was funny that someone would leave me a message about it. What really surprises me is that I have “followers.” I appreciate them; but I don’t understand it either.


Spent a little time, after taking the Dog for a walk, listening to WebSDR. I like finding folks talking on the site then try to tune them in on my radio. I never hear Europe but sometimes get Russia. And, sometimes, the States. Fun.

That’s pretty much my day. SWMBO is home safe and sound. I’m going to go lay down and read.

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