Mostly Sunny! 59 Degrees! Nice!

Almost nice enough. Sat out in the Sun awhile just soaking up the heat. Part of me thought it was hot enough to take off all my clothes and lay out. The other part produced goose-bumps from how chilly the slight breeze was. Chilly won. Did go out in T-shirt and jeans but that was it. Was nice though.


Not a whole hell of a lot going on today. Pretty much a normal Saturday. SWMBO took me to Burger King for a Whopper (it was good!). We walked through a new Feed Store (lots of neat stuff). Stopped by Payless and bought some new sandals (since mine are finally starting to fall apart. But they lasted two years or so).


Made our usual stop at Safeway and now we be home. So, still normal routine.

Think I’ll watch “Big Ass Spider” and hit the rack.

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