I feel like I’ve been really busy this past week or more; but could not, for the life of me, tell you exactly what I’ve been doing.

2019-08-03 16.36.27

I’ve told myself to post at least a dozen times. Then get off doing something until, suddenly, it’s past bedtime.And I know “past bedtime” cause I get woozy and really tired feeling until I go lay down.

 EK_0184bSo, let’s see. Hmmm… Bought a Full mattress for the Caravan. One of those nice mattresses being sold at Walmart. Was $169 but it fits perfectly and is WAY more comfortable than that “padtress” that was in there. Going to make the trip much better.

Speaking of trip: Been getting ready and loading the RV. Leaving Sunday and SWMBO will join me in Memphis later.Hope the Hollie Family Reunion is worth all this.

Hooked the RV up to the new truck the other day for a “test drive.” I was impressed. The hill leaving Belfair going to Gorst was no problem. Did a U-Turn in Gorst and came back up that  mile (or so) upgrade with no problems. Started out at 3500 rpm’s from a red light but by the time I got a quarter mile up the road it downshifted, the rpm’s dropped to 1500, and we did the thing at 55 mph. Nice! Still reeling from $600/mo payments, but, nice.

581c7713-b714-49ad-b3bb-74bee52fdd73So, looking forward to the trip but hate leaving SWMBO behind. She makes everything so much better. I probably won’t stop and see anything that I’d want us to see together but I think it’ll still be a good trip. We’ll see. I do like her navigation though.

Otherwise, just not a lot going on. I’m doing this on the virtual machine cause my windows machine is down for awhile. The cheap assed laptop dvd drive they put in it went TU. X-Plane can’t find the DVD so it’ll only play in demo mode for 10 minutes before the nag screen starts. Ordered a new drive but it won’t be here until sometime between 26 Aug and 26 Sep. Which is totally unacceptable in today’s market. Hell, it was 4 days between ordering and notice that it’s been shipped.

More later. Will TRY to keep y’all updated while on the trip. Can’t promise anything though.

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