Yes, I Know That I Can Be Depressed

lil01aWhich I have been lately. Really depressed. So I do a lot of things to try to work my way out of it (including a lot of self-talk) but don’t seem to actually accomplish anything. Mentally or physically. And that is starting to get on my nerves. (And part of it is 3 weeks of rain, I know.) I have to be careful and keep my wits about me though cause depression has gotten me into a lot of trouble in the past.

Trying to listen to the noon-tim e net on 7268.5 but someone is playing different types of music too near that frequency. Don’t know if it’s just someone fooking with the Net or if it’s coming from overseas.

Started looking at getting another dog. A breed that stays between 15-20 pounds and short haired. Was looking at a Beagle but they get way over 20 lbs. Haven’t been impressed with anything mixed with Chihuahua. Never did like Chihuahuas. But a Beagle-Chihuahua mix might stay smaller. I don’t like flighty/scared/nervous all the time. Or anytime, really. (On farther reading, I don’t think a Beagle will work for me.)


Made a dump run cause it was time to make one. Came back and played with my tower a bit. Assembled the bottom 3 sections but couldn’t lift it upright. Too heavy for this old guy. Want to sit upright to kind of get it out of the way. I’ll get help. Sometime.

Turned that ham thingie (senior moment) into pork chops and got those in the freezer. Psuedo BBQ’d myself one and made mixed veggies to go with it for dinner. Was yummy.

The 10-meter Net went well even if we didn’t actually have a Net. Just a few of us checking in and talking awhile. Cool!

Anywho, that’s about it. Looks like Trump is winning (Yay!) so I think I’ll just go lay down and read a bit.

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