Busy Couple Of Days. Sorta. Kinda.

Naw. Just my “normal” life lived to the fullest! Did get to spend some time with my Schweetie on our Saturday Date yesterday. That is always fun.

Penny0bFriday was SSDD. Got some more of the fence painted. Laid out in the sun when I could. Picked SWMBO up at the bus stop in town when it was time. Didn’t kill anyone. Again.

Yesterday she took me to COSTCO to buy one of those Cobra CDR 840 Dashcam’s to play with. Then to Teriyaki Chicken. Then to Target for a new wallet. Safeway, and home.

Yep. That’s my life.

Screenshot 2015-06-21 16.08.38

Took Netflix to the Post Office to test the new camera. It worked great; for half the trip. Haven’t figured out why yet. Video is pretty good except for when on bumpy roads. And once I get the suction cup to actually suction. (Forgot to take the plastic off it.) Not sure if I like the Date and location being actually on the video though.

Downloaded the Cobra program to play the video files and it shows the route taken on Google Earth. Cool. I guess.

vlcsnap-00078.pngMCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net (The Father’s Day Episode) went fairly well. Couple of people had problems checking in; weak signals. One guy I couldn’t hear at all! But KG7EOU finally came in great.

Anywho, that’s really it for tonight. Just nothing going on around here. Which has it’s good points.

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