Feeling Old Today.

002Head feels like it wants to hurt without ever getting to the point where it was uncomfortable. Like I want to have a migraine but didn’t. Kind of stuffy too. Blah feeling. Maybe I’m coming down with a cold or something.

Did get to lay out in the Sun awhile. Was nice. Not too hot. Not too cold. Got warm enough to sweat a bit; which was nice too. I like being warm.

Tried working on my 2-meter antenna but was feeling too blah to lift the antenna with the additional pole I was trying to put on it. Wound up just putting it back the way it was and I’ll do it another day when I feel better.

jessicabielpoolStill playing with the New Pad and I’m liking it more and more. It’s lots faster than the Nexus 7. I don’t know if that’s cause I still don’t have everything installed or not; but will take it one app at a time. Like being able to text SWMBO on it though.

Am using one of the cases for one of those pads my friend in Utah gave me to play with or destroy as I see fit. Fits just right and the keyboard works when plugged in. That’s cool. Kinda bulky but protects the New Pad so I can’t really complain much.


Got to drop SWMBO off at the Ferry Landing this morning, and pick her up at the bus stop at QFC this evening. I am one lucky dude!

I’m going to bed.

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