Cloudy, Busy, Day.

Got my morning chores done. Got out in the garage about 0830 to check the truck out. Borrowed a big floor jack from my neighbor (“it’s Gotta Be The Transmission”) Walt, and jacked the truck up. Passenger rear wheel turned just fine.


So I took the Driver’s side rear wheel and the thing that covers the inner working of the wheel off, and after 3 hours (cause I have absolutely no idea what the fuck I’m doing) I had the emergency brake loose enough to turn the wheel. Put everything back together and it’s working fine.


All that time, Mr. “I knew it was the emergency brake” Walt gave excellent supervision. (No, really. Thanks, Walt!) What ever the problem is probably still needs to be fixed, but at least it’s drivable. Just gotta remember NOT to use the emergency brake when I park. Which I have a habit of doing. And the Emergency Brake is still available; just a bit loose. (Just enough to let the wheel turn.)


Spent an hour in the MILA hand painting the cabinets so I’m all messy again. Starting to look pretty good down there. Another coat of paint (on the cabinets) and that should be done. Then on to the bedrooms and finish off the bathroom, clean the place up real good and I’m done.


Kathy’s Great Uncle Clarence died yesterday so I might be going to Ohio to help her parents if needed. Clarence was a photographer all his life so I’m looking forward to getting his old prints and negatives to scan. I like those glimpses into life “way back when.”

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