Still Learning This Stuff

Trying to figure out how to embed a webm video into my posts instead of a gif file. So far nothing I’ve tried has worked. Not in Open Live Writer nor online editing. Using the “<video>” or “embed” tags didn’t work either. I don’t know. Yet. Really would rather use webm though.

It’s early right now so not a lot going on. Weather Weenies are claiming it’s going to be a fairly decent day. Warming up. Slowly warming up. Long as the Sun is out I’m good. Purely tired of overcast (rainy!) days.

Okay,I was able to do this online. Now, how to transfer this to Open Writer? And make the text wrap around it? Can’t see the results in Open Writer, so, I think I’ll leave the code in when I post it and see what happens.

Loaded up all those old cabinet doors I had in the basement into the truck and took them down to the Habitat For Humanity place to donate them. They weren’t open. Stopped at the Bank and dropped the Netflix off at the Post Office on the way home. Traffic is terrible downtown! Sure will be glad when they finish all that shit up.

Took the Dog for a walk when I got home. Nice out there. Still a bit too cool (at 59 degree’s) for me, but, it’ll get better. Hopefully.

Dog and I spent some time outside just sitting in the Sun. Well, I sat. He tried chasing birds and bugs and found out Bumble Bee’s don’t like being eaten. Poor Dog. Another walk or two and we’re done for the day.

Ok, SWMBO is home and fed. She’s talking about me making a road trip to Texas (to my Uncle’s) to pick up a “room full” of genealogy research my late Aunt collected. Hmmm. I sure could use a road trip …

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