Kind Of A Busy Monday.

Moved my corner desktop/worktop (whatever the Hell it’s called) and all it’s supports from the basement to my room and put it in place where I’ll put the new counter top. That took a couple of hours! Got it cleaned up and ready for me to move my computer back into my room. Been slowly emptying the drawers of my present desk; gotta use plastic bins for the stuff until I get/build drawers under the new counter. Thrown away a lot of stuff I took a look at and wondered “What the Hell did I keep that for?” (Was probably going to do something with it later…)

$1000 won't even get you a decent front door now!

Made a run to the Vape shop in Bremerton for some atty’s. Then to Home Depot in Silverdale for 4 boxes of the flooring. SWMBO wants me to get the dining room finished before Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. She’d better be prepared to help!

She went quilting over at a friends house while I did all the rest of this stuff. Picked her up at 1600 and made her take me to dinner (just too tired/busy to make dinner myself) and then we stopped by Safeway for Thanksgiving Dinner stuff on the way home.


So, we’re home and it’s only 1815 hrs. so I’ll probably keep moving my desk stuff back into my room. We’ll see.

OR, it could be a Clint Eastwood night: “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” and “For A Few Dollars More.”

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