Pretty Normal Wednesday. Again…

Which means just not much going on (SSDD). Weather has been stormier than usual; hard rain at times and lots of wind. You should see my “long wire” antenna (389 feet of steel cable hung tree to tree) swinging up and down in the wind! I am surprised it hasn’t broken yet. My other antenna’s seem to be holding up well also, so, I should be able to join the Wednesday MCARC 2-meter Chat Net at 1930.


Been listening to/scanning the different repeaters & Police/Sheriff frequencies today and have heard only a couple of “trees down across the road” messages/calls. I didn’t think it was THAT windy out…


Oh, that steak SWMBO made last night was damned excellent! I was going to make “chied fricken” for dinner tonight but we was out of fry juice. So I rubbed “steak rub” all over it and baked it. Tasted good but was a bit dry. Had 3 cheese rice and salad with it. Now to make a trip to Safeway for some oil…


One thing I’d be interested in comments about (minus Spam, of course) is: Do I add too many pictures? Do the pictures I do add interest y’all? Are my personal comments too much or too little? Totally uninteresting?

And any other suggestions you may have.

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